Bumper Stickers

Take our views with you on the road and help spread the "Christianity Meme" meme!

Save your tithe!

The sticker is 9-1/4" by 2-1/2", black ink on a white background.

Save your tithe; think for yourself.

The not-so-subtle implication of this sticker is that the reader may be paying the Church to think for him. A more subtle message is that Christians shouldn't be attempting to think on behalf of non-Christians--think only for yourself.

Rapture is... a world without religious nuts

The sticker is 10" by 3", black ink with yellow birds on a white background.
Rapture is... a world without religious nuts
Those meeting their maker won't be half as happy as we'll be without them!

Ordering information:

To order your bumper sticker(s), send us
  • A brief note saying what sticker(s) you want.
  • $1 per sticker.

  • Note, we are currently unprepared to accept checks or money orders, so please send dollar bill(s). While the U. S. Postal Service discourages this practice, your potential for loss is not very great.
  • One stamped, self-addressed, 9-1/2" by 4" (Number 10) business envelope (or larger, for the debacle sticker).

  • Smaller envelopes will require folding of the sticker which will damage it. Larger envelopes are ok, but may require additional postage. You are responsible for return postage.
Send to:
  Christianity Meme
  PO Box 150715
  Austin, TX 78715-0715

Other proposed stickers

  • GOD IS LOVE. BELIEVE IT OR BURN!  (suggested by B. Manning)
  • WMD: W's Murderous Deception
  • WWAD: What Would Abraham have Done?
  • God must've been out killing the day they taught abstinence-only sex education in school.
  • The Bible is a Rorschach test for the morally challenged.
  • A pedophile priest is just God's mysterious way of creating more pedophile priests.
  • Unbridled reproduction of the faithful is just God's mysterious way of creating religious wars.
  • Curb your god.
  • "We're all sinners" is a declaration of moral bankruptcy.
  • Atheism means taking responsibility.
  • If fundamentalism is bad, how can diluted fundamentalism be the essence of good?
  • Religion is the leading cause of religious nuts.
  • Faith is only a measure of gullibility.
  • Worship of a mass murdering god is idolatry of mass murder.
  • No worthwhile moral philosophy can be based on belief in myths.
  • Show me someone who was created and I'll show you an android.
  • Blessed are the brainwashed as they are fodder for holy wars.
  • What if they held a holy war and nobody believed the myths?
  • Religion is the opiate of masses... Just say "no" to drugs.
  • Without rationality, morality is impossible. Religious faith is the antithesis of rationality.
  • If your religion requests a tithe, your god must not be very powerful.
  • "The End is Near!" --Mark 70 A.D.
  • The End (of Christianity) is Near!
  • If God loves you so much, why do you have to pay rent?
  • Ignorance is bliss. Christianity offers eternal bliss.
  • How much money does it take for you to have a relationship with God?
  • Does your tithe do any good?
  • Religious indoctrination of children is a form of child abuse.
  • Boycott God! He created homosexuals.
  • Christian love is dehumanizing gays for political power.
  • Look what faith did for the Branch Davidians.
  • Real charities don't indoctrinate their clients.
  • Real charities don't have pews, hymnals, pipe organs, or stained glass windows.
  • Real charities don't have Pope-mobiles.
  • Religion is a holy waste of time.
If you especially like any of these ideas, or have ideas of your own, let us know. Depending on the success of our first bumper sticker run, we will expand our line.