Glossary of Terms
This page contains short definitions of many of the new terms found on this site. Later, each definition will link to essays on the various terms.
Christianity Meme
The meme complex of Christianity.
The business of churches, including the indoctrination of its followers through entertainment and other means.
(Rhymes with "dream".) A coherent idea or concept that lives in many people's minds. Memes spread from mind to mind via various communication mechanisms. Successful memes spread quickly to many "hosts", who can be thought of as "infected" by the meme.
Meme Complex
A consort of memes that reinforce each-other--a kind of "super meme".
To pay or give a tenth part of--especially for the support of the church. Also, the gift of a tithe. In this site, we use the word tithe to include any financial support of the church.
True Christian
One infected with the Christianity Meme.