Christianity Meme's "stand" on Various Contemporary Political Issues
The Christianity Meme is not a conscious life form. As such, it can't be said to have desires or preferences, nor can it be said to have a "stand" on any issue. However, as a living entity, the Christianity Meme has an intrinsic agenda of survival and replication. Things that help it live longer and infect more hosts are good for the Christianity Meme and it metaphorically supports any such issue. (On this page, we will sometimes use this metaphorical language to imply preferences and desires of the Christianity Meme.) Actual support (by humans) in the political arena depends on the Christianity Meme's ability to control its hosts' behavior.

The list below is a non-exhaustive list of current political issues where religion plays a role. Note that all of these positions are supported to various degrees by different sects of Christianity. Without exception, however, the "stand" of the Christianity Meme is identical to that of the American Religious Right movement. This strongly implies that the movement is largely under the control of the Christianity Meme. See The Christianity Meme in the news for concrete examples of these points.


The Christianity Meme would very much like to infect the minds of children. Not only are children new hosts for infection, but they are desirable hosts in several ways. First, they are not fully educated and unable to critically reason about what they are told. As such, they are easier for the Christianity Meme to infect. Second, the venue of state funded education is a trusted one. By in large, things taught in schools is considered truthful. The Christianity Meme would gain a level of authority and trust by being transferred in this venue. It would presumably benefit from a longer infection time as it would be less likely to be removed later. Finally, young hosts have a longer possible time for infection, therefore the Christianity Meme would have more time to influence the behavior of its infected host. Note that the Christianity Meme finds college students only slightly less desirable. As such, it devotes a great deal of energy to infecting these hosts though campus-based ministries.

Financial Support of Parochial Schools

The Christianity Meme is strongly in favor of financial support of institutions that spread it to new hosts. See the news article "Setback for school vouchers" as an example.

Prayer in School

The Christianity Meme is strongly in favor of lead prayer in any educational venue, for the reasons just cited. At the same time, the Christianity Meme will use any reason possible to suppress any non-Christian prayer. Mostly commonly used is the rationale that the prayer chosen should be decided by the majority of the people in the community--a kind of mob rule.

While teacher-led prayer in public schools has been explicitly banned in the U. S., other inroads are still being made by the Christianity Meme. See the news article "High court to rule on ballgame prayers".

Teaching of Creationism in Schools

The Christianity Meme is strongly in favor of any teaching based on the Christian Faith, whether it is scientifically valid, or not. Additionally, the Christianity Meme strongly opposes the teaching of competing views. In this case, the Christianity Meme would oppose the teaching of evolution. See the news article "Kansas cuts evolution from the class curriculum".

Free Speech

The Christianity Meme strongly supports any speech that aids in its transmission and it is opposed to speech containing rival memes. The Christianity Meme is for the display of the Ten Commandments in schools and courts. It is for Nativity displays and televangelism. It is opposed to religious criticism and secular humanism. See the news article "13 groups call for boycott until Army rejects Wicca".


The Christianity Meme has long ago gone down an evolutionary path that made homosexuality its enemy. Until recently, homosexuals have been deemed un-Christian and ostracized from the Church. Although homosexuals make equally good hosts as heterosexuals, the Christianity Meme benefits by rejecting homosexuals as hosts for two reasons. First, since homosexuals are not generally producing and rearing young, the Christianity Meme does not lose out on its ability to infect children through this rejection of homosexuals. Second, the Christianity Meme deepens its hold on the infected through various degrees of sanctification of hatred toward homosexuals. Christianity thus encourages this dark side of human nature, if it is directed at the proper targets. Additionally, having an enemy unites and deepens the convictions of any group fighting a cause. Hatred is deepened when the enemy can be portrayed as less than human. Stirring up hatred is a popular mechanism to raise funds and political power (the classic example being Nazi Germany). As part of vilification of homosexuals, the Christianity Meme has promoted the myth that homosexuals are pedophiles that use child molestation as a means of "recruiting". This myth is far less frequently cited since statistics have begun to show a much stronger link between Christian upbringing and a propensity for pedophilia.

Conversion Therapy

The Christianity Meme supports conversion therapy, which tries to "cure" homosexuals of their sins and convert them to God-fearing Christians. According to the Christianity Meme, homosexuals are acceptable as long as they are thorough infected. See the Exodus International home page, an organization that sees to convert homosexuals through religion and the Human Rights Campaign's statement Responding to Anti Gay Change Ads (a PDF file). Also, take a look at Time for a Change written by a minister who has decided that converting gays is not the way.

Same-sex Marriage

The Christianity Meme is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage. First, the Christianity Meme has long since used the argument that same-sex love is not moral as a means of denigrating homosexuals. Next, the Christianity Meme supports marriage as an institution whose purpose is to create potential Christians and guarantee their infection from the parent-child bond. Finally, the acceptance of same-sex marriage would remove homosexuals as an enemy of the Christianity Meme, thus weakening its hate-based hold over its hosts.

See the news article Methodist minister is defrocked for officiating at gay marriage.

Other Gay Rights

The Christianity Meme is generally opposed to gay rights. It is especially opposed to any right that elevates the status of acceptance of gay people. As with same-sex marriage, the Christianity Meme benefits by having homosexuals as a dreaded enemy. The Christianity Meme is opposed to hate crimes legislation that explicitly includes homosexuals, for example, but is less opposed to job and housing rights. Several states still have same-sex only sodomy laws that are rarely enforced, but rigorously defended by right wing Christians. See the essay "The Christianity Meme Trumps Texas Homosexuals" on this web site.

Other Social Issues

Government Support of Faith-based Charities

The Christianity Meme strongly supports government funding of Faith-based charities. Like government support of parochial schools, the Christianity Meme would benefit from institutional support for its transmission. Additionally, since charitable organizations often deal with people who are troubled, uneducated, or mentally ill, the Christianity Meme would further benefit from having more targets that are easier for it to infect.

See news article "Putting faith in their futures". More recently, President George Bush has promoted his Faith-based Charity Initiative.

Abortion and Birth Control

The Christianity Meme is against abortion. Simply put, an aborted fetus is a missed opportunity to infect a new host. Instead, the Christianity Meme strongly supports intervention and religious indoctrination of mothers who are considering abortion. Such women are often at difficult times in their lives which makes them more susceptible to infection. (Not long ago, women who were pregnant out of wedlock were often sent to convents to bear their children.  Without a doubt, religious (re-)indoctrination was also part of the program.)  Through the parent-child bond, the Christianity Meme will likely be passed to the child, as well. For the Christianity Meme, this represents the potential infection two hosts for the effort of infecting one.

Christianity claims to be in the business of saving souls (not necessarily saving lives).  An aborted fetus represents a soul free from sin that will automatically go to heaven.  The soul of an aborted fetus is already saved.  (In fact, this may be the most efficient means of getting souls into heaven.)  The Christian outcry over abortion is at odds with the stated objective of saving souls.  Some Christians have even gone so far as to encourage violence toward abortion doctors.  The infamous "baby butchers" web site is no longer up, but this site describes the controversy.  The loud Christian outcry over abortion is much better explained by the Christianity Meme, that is missing out on a lifetime of influence over the unborn child.  The objective of the Christianity Meme is aided by those people who are also sympathetic to the loss of a living (pre-)human.

The message of the Christianity Meme is for Christians to "go forth and multiply" and "raise your children in the Christian faith". Birth control of any form is taboo, since it interferes with the propagation of the Christianity Meme.  In fact, not long ago, masturbation, oral sex, contraceptives, the rhythm method, and homosexuality were all considered "crimes against nature" as they all interfered with procreation.  The Christianity Meme has lost some territory in the arena of control over human sexuality.  Isn't it ironic that as another life form, the Christianity Meme has so much control over humans' breeding.  Should we really give so much control over our human destiny to an unconscious life form with its own agenda?


The Christianity Meme is mildly against euthanasia. The longer an infected host lives, the more chance the Christianity Meme has to act through him/her. Notice the contrast between euthanasia and abortion: while both concern the preservation of human life, only abortion gives the potential for infection of new hosts with a potential for life-long influence. This is why you will never find the level of religious fervor as strong for euthanasia as you will find for abortion.

Feminism and Family

The Christianity Meme is against feminism. Women are the means for creating new hosts for the Christianity Meme to infect and the parent-child bond is one of the most efficient means for transmitting the Christianity Meme to the new host. The Christianity Meme supports the idea that the women's place is in the home. The only exception is if the women is an effective proselytizer.

The Christianity Meme strongly supports Church-going two-parent families. Two parent families have the attentional resources necessary to effectively transmit the Christianity Meme to the children. Single parent families, by contrast, are too burdened with survival and logistical issues to effectively transmit the Christianity Meme. Note that the Christian Church did not sanctify marriage until the 1200s--less than half the time Christianity has been in existence. This is an example of the Christianity Meme co-opting other institutions for its own ends.

Family values has become a Christian buzzword as promoted by organizations such as the American Family Association. The term has been used by those infected with the Christianity Meme to promote this agenda.

Gun Control

While the Christianity Meme is neutral on the issue of gun control, Republicans, who are often True Christians, oppose gun control legislation. The Christianity Meme apparently benefits from massacres because they often create martyrs, fuel the cry for more religion, and "a return to Christian values". Both were outcomes of the recent Littleton High School shootings. See the news article " For the Right, Littleton's Tragedy became a 'Window of Opportunity'".