Further Essays on the Christianity Meme
Note that some essays in this list are links to off-site pages, many of which the author may be unaware of our link.  Because of this, authors in this list may not be in any way affiliated with ChristianityMeme.org.

Table Of Contents

More about Memetics and the Christianity Meme

Case Studies about the Christianity Meme (and other religious meme complexes)

The Culture War (fought to the drum beat of the Christianity Meme)

  • This is a Religious War by Andrew Sullivan
    An off-site essay about the culture war going on between Islam and the west and it draws comparisons with the Christianity cultural war going on in the United States.

Creationism & Intelligent Design (an important consort meme complex)

  • Does intelligent design require a creator? by Don Baker
    Shows that there is no need for a Creator to explain the seemingly "intelligent design" we see in all life forms. The argument draws from some recent work in genetic programming from Computer Science.

  • ID, Gaps, and Vats by Don Baker
    A tongue-in-cheek look at the ID movement and the motivations behind it.

Reason and Responsibility


Upcoming Essays

  • The parable of the ameba
  • We bank with God
  • The "Hang 10" movement considered harmful
  • The slippery slope of faith